Form in Place Gap Filler Type

Highly Thermally Conductive and Electricity Insulative’ Silicone Compound

SARCON® Form in Place Gap Filler TYPE is a highly conformable / thermally conductive type silicone compound.It provides a thermal solution for the recent trends of higher frequencies and integration in the development of electronic device.
SARCON® Form in Place Gap Filler TYPE easily forms and adheres to most surfaces, shapes, and size of components.


  • Fill large gaps while providing superior thermal transfer.
  • Conformable with very low compression forces.
  • Excellent vibration absorption capabilities.
  • Maintains all initial properties across a wide temperature range.
  • Used to “Form-in-Place” and remain form stable.
  • Requires no heat curing.
  • Will not cause corrosion on any metal surface.
Recommended Application

  • SARCON Form in Place Gap Filler TYPE is superior to filling gaps as well as dissipating heat.
  • Excellent workability / handling with its softness but no dripping and no pumping.
Compression Load Correlation

Packaging Options

Sarcon® Form In Place Materials
High heat transfering.SARCON® SPG-20AHot Disk: 2.0
High heat transfering.SARCON® SPG-20BHot Disk: 2.1
Higher heat transfering.SARCON® SPG-30BHot Disk: 3.1
Highest heat transfering.SARCON® SPG-50AHot Disk: 5.0