Putty Type

Highly Thermally Conductive and Non-Flammable interface materials

SARCON® Silicone Putty is a highly conformable, thermally conductive, non-flammable interface materials.
The surface consistency is excellent for filling small air gaps and uneven mating surfaces, making reliable contact with various shapes and sizes of components.


  • Very low compression force at high compression rate.
  • Suitable for gaps as small as 0.3mm or less.
  • UL94 V-0 certified.
  • Available in two formulations.
Recommended Application

Compression Load Correlation

Sarcon® Putty Type Materials
Silicone Gap Filler and General heat transfering.SARCON® PG25AASTM G5470: 2.8
Hot Disk: 2.5
Silicone Putty Gap Filler and Highly heat transfering.SARCON® GR-PmHot Wire: 6.0
Hot Disk: 4.5
Silicone Putty Gap Filler and Highest heat transfering.SARCON® PG80AASTM D5470: 13.0
Hot Disk: 8.0