SARCON® PG25A Thermally Conductive and No Electricity Conductive Silicone Rubber Sheet


Sarcon® PG25A Series is a highly conformable and high thermal conducting gel material in a versatile sheet form that easily fits and adheres to most all shapes and sizes of components, including protrusions and recessed areas.
1) Low thermal resistance
2) Soft, low stress on component
3) Low content of Low Molecular Siloxane

Sarcon® PG25A-00Silicone compound with double sticky surfaces
Typical properties
PropertyUnitSarcon® PG25ATest methodSpecimen*1
Specific gravity2.62ASTM D 792A
HardnessShore OO26ASTM D2240B
Thermal conductivityW/m・K2.5Hot DiskC
Volume resistivityMΩ・m2.4×105ASTM D 257D
Dielectric strengthkV/mm18ASTM D 149D
Dielectric Constant -50Hz7.2 ASTM D150 -
Dissipation Factor -50Hz0.059 ASTM D150 -
Elongation%242ASTM D 412A
Tensile strengthMPa0.1ASTM D 412A
Tear strengthN/mm0.54ASTM D 624A
Contents of Low- Molecular Siloxanewt%
(D3~D20 Total)
0.016Gas Chromatographic Analysis by the extraction (Aceton) -
Flammability-V-0 EquivalentUL 94-
*1Specimen A:2.0mmT
Specimen B:30mmW x 50mmL x 12mmT (3mmT x 4pcs)
Specimen C:50mmW × 50mmL × 9mmT (3mmT x 3pcs)
Specimen D:120mmW × 120mmL × 1.0mmT
Compression Force
1.0mmT 1.5mmT 2.0mmT 2.5mmT 3.0mmT 3.5mmT 4.0mmT 4.5mmT 5.0mmT
50% Sustain483427242221201813

*Test method
Base on ASTM D 575-91
Measured the force at 50% compression with the specimen set between two aluminum plates Specimen’s dimensions: Φ28.6mm Aluminum Plate dimensions: Φ28.6mm Compression Velocity: 5.0mm/minute with 1,960N load Cell
Equipment: Compression Load tester (Aikoh Engineering MODEL-310N)
Sustain 50%: Sustain 50% at 1 minute later

Thermal Resistance
1.0mmT 1.5mmT 2.0mmT 2.5mmT 3.0mmT 3.5mmT 4.0mmT 4.5mmT 5.0mmT

*Test method
Base on ASTM D 5470
Test piece size: Φ33mm
Measuring device: ANALYSIS TECH
Thermal Interface Material Tester TIM Tester 1300

Type and configuration
TypeProduct nameThicknessSheet size
Sarcon® PG25A-00-100GY1.0mm ± 0.15mm 300mm × 200mm (Recommended Usable Size:
Sarcon® PG25A-00-150GY1.5mm ± 0.20mm
Sarcon® PG25A-00-200GY2.0mm ± 0.30mm
Sarcon® PG25A-00-250GY2.5mm ± 0.30mm
Sarcon® PG25A-00-300GY3.0mm ± 0.30mm
Sarcon® PG25A-00-350GY3.5mm ± 0.35mm
Sarcon® PG25A-00-400GY4.0mm ± 0.40mm
Sarcon® PG25A-00-450GY4.5mm ± 0.45mm
Sarcon® PG25A-00-500GY5.0mm ± 0.50mm
*Unit Conversion
Thermal ResistanceK・cm2/W× 0.16K・in2/W
Tensile StrengthMPa× 10.2kgf/cm2
× 145psi
Tear StrengthN/mm× 1.02kgf/cm
Thermal ConductivityW/m・K× 2.39×10-3cal/cm・sec・K
Statement of Lieu of Warranty

• Properties of the products may be revised due to some changes for improving performance.
• Properties values in this document are not specification or guaranteed.
• This product is made of silicone, and silicone oil may exude from the product.
• This product is made of silicone, and low molecular siloxane may vaporize depending on operating conditions.
• The product is designed, developed, and manufactured for general industrial use only. Never use for medical, surgical, and/or relating purposes. Never use for the purpose of implantation and/or other purposes by which apart of or whole product remains in human body.
• Before using, a safety must be evaluated and verified by the purchaser.
• Contents described in the document do not guarantee the performances and qualities required for the purchaser’s specific purposes. The purchaser is responsible for pre-testing the product under the purchaser’s specific.
• Statements concerning possible or suggested uses made herein may not be relied upon, or be constructed, as a guaranty of no patent infringement.

Handling Notes

• It is recommended to use the material in up to 30% of compression ratio. Using the material beyond the recommended compression rate may result in excessive silicone oil exudation.
• It is recommended to compress the material with the equal ratio on the whole surface. Partial excessive stress may also result in excessive silicone oil exudation.

Fujipoly: Thermal Interface Materials


ISO 9001:2015