SARCON® GR80A Thermally Conductive and No Electricity Conductive Silicone Rubber Sheet


・ Low thermal resistance
・ Low content of Low Molecular Siloxane.

Sarcon® GR80A-00Silicone compound with double sticky surfacesSARCON® GR80A
Typical material properties.
PropertyUnitSarcon® PG80ATest methodSpecimen*1
Color-Light GrayVisual-
Specific gravity3.3ASTM D 792A
HardnessShore OO75ASTM D2240B
Thermal conductivityW/m・K8.0Hot DiskC
Tensile strengthMpa0.3ASTM D 412A
Elongation%50.0ASTM D 412A
Tear resistancekN/m0.7ASTM D 624A
Volume resistivityMΩ・m2.0×105ASTM D 257D
Breakdown voltagekV/mm15ASTM D 149D
Withstand voltagekV/mm8ASTM D 149D
Flammability-V-0 EquivalentUL 94-
*1Specimen A:2.0mmT
Specimen B:30mmW x 50mmL x 12mmT (3mmT x 4pcs)
Specimen C:50mmW × 50mmL × 9mmT (3mmT x 3pcs
Specimen D:120mmW × 120mmL × 1.0mmT
Mechanical property / Compression VS Compression load
1.0mmT 2.0mmT
50% Sustain541399

*Test method
Base on ASTM D 575-91
Measured the force at 50% compression with the specimen set between two aluminum plates
Specimen’s dimensions: 15x15mm
Aluminum Plate dimensions: 27x27x4mm
Compression Velocity: 5.0mm/minute with 1,960N load Cell
Equipment: Compression Load tester (Aikoh Engineering MODEL-310N) Sustain 50%: Sustain 50% at 1 minute later

Thermal Resistance
1.0mmT 2.0mmT

*Test method
Base on ASTM D 5470
Test piece size: Φ33mm
Measuring device: ANALYSIS TECH
Thermal Interface Material Tester TIM Tester 1300

Aging test data (Thermal resistance)
Initial 100hrs 250hrs 500hrs 1000hrs

*Test method
Base on ASTM D 5470
Test piece size:15mmx15mmx1.0mmT Compression rate:30%
Alminum block used

Statement of Lieu of Warranty

• Properties of the products may be revised due to some changes for improving performance.
• Properties values in this document are not specification or guaranteed.
• This product is made of silicone, and silicone oil may exude from the product.
• This product is made of silicone, and low molecular siloxane may vaporize depending on operating conditions.
• The product is designed, developed, and manufactured for general industrial use only. Never use for medical, surgical, and/or relating purposes. Never use for the purpose of implantation and/or other purposes by which apart of or whole product remains in human body.
• Before using, a safety must be evaluated and verified by the purchaser.
• Contents described in the document do not guarantee the performances and qualities required for the purchaser’s specific purposes. The purchaser is responsible for pre-testing the product under the purchaser’s specific.
• Statements concerning possible or suggested uses made herein may not be relied upon, or be constructed, as a guaranty of no patent infringement.

Handling Notes

• It is recommended to use the material in up to 30% of compression ratio. Using the material beyond the recommended compression rate may result in excessive silicone oil exudation.
• It is recommended to compress the material with the equal ratio on the whole surface. Partial excessive stress may also result in excessive silicone oil exudation.

Fujipoly: Thermal Interface Materials


ISO 9001:2015