Fusible Tapes

Fujipoly Fusible Tapes flat stock in rolls or single sheets.

Fusible Tapes
Fusible Tape

Flat stock in rolls or single sheets for your custom finishing. Can be diecut or trimmed to any proprietary shape on your finishing equipment. Available in five thicknesses and all SARCON formulations.




Conductive Type

Electrostatic discharge
Electrical, electronic and general use
Over-moldings, pottings
Die-cut gasket
Replacement of custom insulator pads

Part NumberThicknessLengthOrdering unit
30T–36W, 30H–36W, 30Q–36W0.30+.01-036±1100m integral multiples
30T–85W, 30H–85W, 30Q–85W85±1
45T–36W, 45H–36W, 45Q–36W0.45±0.0536±150m integral multiples
450T–85W, 45H–85W, 45Q–85W85±1
85T–36W, 85H–36W, 85Q–36W0.85±0.0536±1
85T–85W, 85H–85W, 85Q–85W85±1
Fujipoly: Thermal Interface Materials

Fusible Tapes

ISO 9001:2015