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About Fujipoly

Fuji Polymer Industries Co., Ltd. are a industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of Thermal Interface Materials.

Established in 1978 as a manufacturer specializing in the secondary processing of industrial silicone rubber products on the technological foundation of Dow Corning of the United States, the largest silicone producer in the world. We have steadily grown during the course of time since then. It has only been fifty years since the organometallic polymer, silicone, appeared in the world but it has become an indispensable material in a wide variety of fields because of its superlative thermal interface materials characteristics. We are proud to be helping to meet the demand for this excellent material.

In the manufacturing industry where great technological innovations have followed one after another, we have always devoted ourselves to developing and supplying only those products that would meet the needs of the time. As a result, we had first acquired new markets within the automotive, heavy electric machinery, and home electric appliance industries. Then we expanded into the electronics field including office automation and optical and visual equipments. From the beginning of our establishment, we have, from a global viewpoint, pursued technological tie-ups and distribution agreements with overseas companies.

We have also established production bases abroad through various means including mergers and acquisitions. All these activities have been based on our borderless business strategy, which we have adopted in anticipation of the ongoing trend of so-called globalization. Our basic idea of business is not limited to the supply of silicone rubber products as substitutes or replacements for existing products or parts.

Creating unprecedented landmark products from silicone rubber to meet the demands of the times-this is what governs us in all our manufacturing activities. On the overseas front, we wish to become an enterprise that can contribute to the world economy and society as a member of the international community, keeping close communication
and relationships with people all over the world upon equal terms. Your kind support and continued patronage will be greatly appreciated.


Create values, promote social action and our employees’ satisfaction.

” Customer Satisfaction is Primary “
We provide safe products, satisfying our customers needs, while making quality the core of our management.
To provide environmentally friendly products based on silicone rubber technology. Distribute our products to a wide base of customers, through our expanding global network.
Provide globally competitive products by continued improvement in manufacturing technology and productivity.
Through the development of creative new products, we will strive to be number one in the markets we serve worldwide.

“Take Responsibility”
Grow the company productively and continuously with customer and employees’ satisfaction.

” Respecting the Dignity of the Individual “
The work environment will encourage individual self-fulfillment and the maximization of skills and talents.
The work environment will be safe and clean and protect the natural environment.
The work environment will foster open communication and the free exchange of information and ideas.

Thermal Interface Material Products

Sarcon Example Image
SARCON® is an advanced silicone rubber with high thermal conductivity.
Custom designed to eliminate multiple extruded components.
A comprehensive group of high performance interconnect devices.