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FUJI POLYMER INDUSTRIES and Munich-based chemical group company WACKER announced a joint co-operation on the development of innovative Thermal Interface Materials on 17th Dec, 2018. FUJI POLYMER INDUSTRIES will be using WACKER’s room-temperature-curing ELASTOSIL® silicones for the manufacture of silicone based heat-conducting components. The close co-operation will be on developing high-efficiency Thermal Interface Materials for electronic devices and for batteries in electric vehicles.
FUJI POLYMER INDUSTRIES produces ready-to-use silicone elastomer materials such as standard sheet form as well as roll materials, both types which can be customised to the Customer’s requirements and these being used for electronic components in many industry sectors as well as for the automotive industry. WACKER is a silicones producer, who supply non-cross-linked paste-like silicones in the form of gels, adhesives, sealants or encapsulates for liquid metering.
Both FUJI POLYMER INDUSTRIES and WACKER ASAHIKASEI SILICONE CO., LTD. co-exhibited at the 11th International Automotive Electronics Technology Expo 2019 in Tokyo, Japan from 16-Jan to 18-Jan 2019.
FUJI POLYMER INDUSTRIES, Global Sales Director and Board Member, Mitsuhiro Fujimoto said “We have been very much looking forward to this collaboration which is very important for us. WACKER’s technical expertise is an invaluable resource and is extremely helpful when developing new products” FUJI POLYMER INDUSTRIES will use WACKER’s “Based on ELASTOSIL® “ logo for branding its high end silicone based Thermal Interface Materials. “This co-branding is another significant benefit for the company in terms of quality awareness” emphasized Fujimoto. “The partnership with WACKER is therefore a genuine win-win situation for us and fills us with a great deal of pride”Wacker Partnership